Being a part of our corporate program as an underwriter or sponsor will increase your organization’s exposure as being committed to increasing the cultural awareness of the greater community. Being committed to the increase of cultural appreciation and awareness in the greater community carries benefits for your organization. By clicking on the program you wish to support you will be creating a positive change in the future of your community.

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Special programs created for children, students and seniors including exhibitor presentations, special interest programs, lectures and seminars.

Exhibits brought in from outside the institute by professionals as well as opportunities for emerging visual artists to showcase their work.

The Victor Diaz Permanent Collection is a magnificent color photography collection of the world’s most renowned photographers. With twenty four collections and more than one thousand images printed in Dye Transfer, the Institute’s holdings contain the work of many of the last century’s most highly regarded photographers.

These exhibits have been made available for public viewing through agreements with private organizations. By having exhibits temporarily rotate out of the Institute to places of significant exposure we are promoting the increased presence of the visual arts and education.

In continuing with the IIPA tradition of embracing the greater photographic community, we have created a virtual gallery allowing photographers to share their unique and personal work.