C. Thomas Wyche, born Greenville, South Carolina, January 28, 1926, is well-known in diverse camps of interest.  He is an attorney at law and founder of the firm Wysche, Burgess, Freeman, and Parham in Pennsylvania and has been listed in Best Lawyers In America, ten years.  He is also founder of Naturaland Trust in 1972, the first land conservation trust in South Carolina and has received several honors and awards for his efforts in environmental conservation.  The South Carolina Wildlife Federation Environmentalist of the Year, 1979, The Gulf Oil National Conservation Award (one of ten nationwide), 1983, The Nature Conservancy Oak Leaf Award (one of four nationwide) 1995, The Alexander Calder Conservation Award (one recipient selected nationwide on an annual basis) 1996, presented by the Conservation Foundation partnership with Union Camp Corporation, to name a few.  He has also been awarded three honorary doctorate degrees for his work in the humanities and the environment. He lives in Greenville South Carolina and is married to Harriet Smith (Wyche) of Greenville, South Carolina and is the father of three children.

His publications as a photographer include the following:

South Carolina's Mountain Wilderness – The Blue Ridge Escarpment (1994)
Tommy Wyche has spent years hiking and photographing the South Carolina mountains. His text adds an insightful and informative look at this special place. Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy of South Carolina, this book is an intimate look at the grandeur of the Blue Ridge Escarpment.

The Blue Wall – Wilderness of the Carolinas and Georgia (1996)
When Duke Power announced its intention to offer 60,000 acres of treasured wilderness in the heart of the North and South Carolina mountains to the conservation community, it was apparent that this opportunity to preserve a magnificent wilderness area for generations to come would never recur. The purpose of The Blue Wall, was to reveal the inner beauty of these lush mountain lands and to help insure their protection forever. The book was distributed to all South Carolina state and federal elected representatives; it may have been influential in motivating the State’s appropriation of funds to consummate the protection of this magnificent acreage shortly after the Blue Wall was published.

Guide to the Mountain Bridge Trails (Third Edition, 1998)
A hiker’s treasure and invaluable road map to exploring the 45 miles of trails designed and built by Naturaland Trust in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, stretching from Jones Gap State Park to Ceasars Head State Park. Detailed descriptions with East and West directions make this pocket guide a “must” for a Sunday afternoon hike or a backpacking camping weekend.

Mosaic – 21 Special Places in the Carolinas (March 2002)
The Carolinas are blessed with an abundance of public lands and wildlife preserves—acres of forests, clear streams and lively ecosystems. Mosaic is a look at 21 special places preserved for the recreation and enjoyment of Carolina Communities. What was once Duke Power Company’s private property is now open to the public. Tommy Wyche considered his intimate tours of these lands a little-bestowed privilege as the secrets and subtleties of these 21 natural places unfolded before his eyes. He presents this mosaic not only through vivid photographic images, but with the rich historic background of each place preserved for posterity due to the generosity of Duke Power Company.

Cycles of Nature (2007)
Despite the woeful news on the climate and environment that seems to pervade the headlines, positive change is possible. It begins by seeing the world around us with fresh eyes, understanding the cycles of our planet, and recognizing the precious resource we have in planet Earth. With Cycles, Tommy Wyche invites the reader to a thoughtful consideration of the patterns in nature that surround us. Most important, he hopes we will come to appreciate the significance of protecting our natural world.

Quiet Reflections (2007)
“Where to Blue Ridge yawns its greatness” - Clemson University’s alma mater describes the grandeur of the 17,500 acre experimental forest that surrounds the Clemson University campus. It is the largest such forest in the nation adjacent to a university campus. The authors take readers on a delightful walk in the woods to see the Forest through their eyes as a photographer and a naturalist – they have portrayed the Forest’s wealth of natural and cultural resources.

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