Based upon the permanent collection, temporary and current exhibitions, the IIPA will host lectures and workshops for the general public. Tailored to the needs of the greater community, access to these lectures and workshops will be determined by membership status in the IIPA.

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With the intent of stimulating and educating the future of our community, the IIPA will create an open dialogue with schools and learning institutions. A bi directional exchange will take place through fieldtrips hosted for schools to come to the IIPA, as well as guest lecture outreach to schools by representatives of the IIPA. Through funding, the goal of the IIPA will be to make it possible for any school that desires to visit the holdings of the IIPA and experience first hand the visual power of the wonderful photography collections.

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The visual world of photography becomes more alive through music and the intersection of these two captured on film – cinematography. Through the eyes of filmmakers, IIPA seeks to highlight and enhance the connections between the visual arts, music and film. On site screenings and lectures by the filmmakers will bring a continually fresh dynamic to the gallery.

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