Was born in the city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico on September 26th, 1939. Developing a special interest in art early in life, she nurtured this interest by receiving a bachelor in art from the University of San Diego. Sharing both her personal interest and financial knowledge in the arts with her husband Victor Manuel Diaz, together they formed a number of businesses. Their family independent radio business in the San Diego/Tijuana region, Califormula Inc., is still a vibrant part of the community. In 1960 they opened their first color photography lab, Prolab, in Mexico and established an art gallery in Guadalajara in 1975 which was the predecessor to today’s organization the International Institute of Photographic Arts (IIPA). Still personally active in her businesses, Mrs. Barba de Diaz established a new for profit business, Color Photo Art, in 2008 and remains a stockholder of a bi national corporation, Exporadio Inc.

For more than four decades (1960-2003), Mrs. Barba de Diaz has had financial success leading as both a General and Programming director in Tijuana (1970) and San Diego. Settling during the nineties in San Diego, Mrs. Diaz was in charge of the establishment of the Califormula Radio Group (1996-2004), which operated three radio stations: Fiesta Mexicana, Radio Latina Spanish format, and Z90 and Hot Country both English format.

Currently she is the president and chair of the board of directors of two thriving nonprofit organizations, the International Institute of Photographic Arts (IIPA) and XLNC1 104.9FM classical radio station both located in Chula Vista, California. Under her administration the two organizations have received several awards during the last five years for promoting art and education in the community.

Mrs. Barba de Diaz has been serving and giving to the community as a successful independent entrepreneur in the radio communication industry and as a philanthropist. Because of her dedication, beliefs and economic support, she has made possible these enduring cultural assets, which reflect their many years of cultural service. Providing work opportunities and setting an example of determination in continuing to carry on the family business and cultural legacy, Martha Barba de Diaz is making a new culturally relevant statement, by continually invigorating an important landmark in the cross border cultural exchange between San Diego and Baja California, México. It is this exchange that enriches the lives of so many individuals and communities in this culturally rich region.